UNCW Mens B-Ball 890 APR!!!!

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    This thread is a response to a thread from 2009.


    WOW come on spinn master what ya got for this one?!?
    It's now confirmed that not only are most of your students stupid, but your athletes too!
    .......Seahoops 2009

    Follow up post.

    While ECU's rises as we build more continuity, UNCW's will now start falling. Losing players hurts badly and no one has lost more than ECU. UNCW seems to be falling into the same cycle, so you might not want to throw stones just yet. .......... CAAtony on the follow up post in 2009

    LMAO. I told you the same things multiple times as well. It's only fitting that 3 years later that our APR was 965 and among the highest in the state while your team is last and punished for the second year in a row and banned from postseason, loses 2 scholarships, and practice time. You also just lost another player to jail that will count against you the next 4 years, meaning it's not going to get better anytime soon.
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    Just call me nostradamus. Where you at bitches?

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