Elon SoCon Favorites?

Discussion in 'Elon Phoenix' started by masonhoopsfan, Sep 25, 2013.

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    Aug 14, 2007
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    A little old, but USA Today pegs Elon as getting into dance.

    'Last season's CollegeInsider.com Tournament, the school's first Division I appearance in the postseason, was a necessary precursor. All five starters return from last year's 21-win squad. The pieces are all in place.'


    My memory fails me, but I saw one other college basketball preview also with Elon as favorite (Sporting News perhaps?).

    Regardless, it's exciting stuff. Go Phoenix in your last Socon season.
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    Well, the football season looks to again be lost, so let's hope the bball team can continue to win! Many of our athletics programs are playing at unprecedented levels......Men's bball won the SoCon north and continue to rack up preseason accolades, Men's soccer continues to be nationally ranked, baseball is generally the spot to watch year in and out at the school, men's tennis won the SoCon again this past season......definitely on the up and up. We just need to get football back up to par.

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