ECU to Join Big South in All Sports?

Discussion in 'Smack' started by 70sHawk, Oct 3, 2011.

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    If Big East Football decides that East Carolina's demographic isn't worth extending an invitation to join their conference, will ECU look to rethink it's losing FBS football strategy and join a conference that offers football competition that harmonizes with the level of its non conference Men's BB schedule?

    Might the Big South's Stony Brook, Garner-Webb, Liberty, Charleston Southern, Presbyterian, VMI, and Coastal Carolina - while outmatching ECU in basketball - give ECU a chance to earn an automatic bid to the FCS playoffs...and a chance to take a step toward their oft-stated (yet elusive) 40 year long goal of going "big time"?

    Will East Carolina look to 'step back' as a means of stepping forward? Will the more academically prestigious institutions of the Big South turn a blind eye towards ECU's more relaxed view of scholastic integrity in order to gain legions of new switchblade wielding (but rabid) ECU fans at their conference gatherings? Will repeated threats of "ass whippings" by disgruntled Pirate fans (who are said to 'travel well') as punishment after having won games/ or lost games/ or perceived that they have been 'disrespected' at games- be worth the extra revenues at the local pawn shops, tattoo parlors, or pool halls scattered around the Big South's geographic footprint?

    Stay tuned.
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    Hilarious post!

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