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Dec 31, 2014
    1. Redsoxn2004
      don't worry about it too much. I love all the work you guys do. I worked with the CAA as a student broadcaster undergrad so I definitely appreciate the work you guys put in.. What I honestly would do if I were you is to message one of the mod's(Timer is the most prominent) and work with them on putting a "sticky" or flag on a CAA sports productions thread. That way we can get all of the videos in one particular place.

      The other idea I might have for you guys is if a particular basketball moment or play is controversial or exciting then it might merit it's own thread. I know those are two contrasting ideas, but an example of this would be the controversy over mayor and janning's "fight" or incident a few years ago.

      Just a few ideas or thoughts to consider

    2. caasportsproductions

      I appreciate your opinion and your concerns on the video. This is the first I have heard it bothering the "zoners". If there is a thread I can put all my videos in I would do it. It is a relatively brand new video department here at the CAA and we are trying to connect more to the fans and take their opinions. Unfortunately we are not at the BCS type of profit or level when it comes to quality and such yet but we felt as much coverage of the league we can do the better. Once again sorry for any inconvenience and let us know what we can do.
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