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Hugh Akston

New Member, from Small Town America, clingin' to my guns & religion

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Mar 22, 2014
    1. enonram
      Part 3 –

      There were at least three ministers, a seminary student, a missionary, a messianic Jew (that knew the entire OT by heart in its original language) who is also an author of a number of Christian books, and the president of a private Christian school. I tell you there were a lot of times that I was wondering what I was doing teaching those guys instead of them teaching me. With a group this size, men started skipping the prayer meeting to get into the overcrowded room to get a good seat. I was uncomfortable with that and so was the preacher.

      The preacher asked me to take some time off so that people would start coming back to the prayer meeting. I respectfully submitted myself to his authority and stopped the classes. Through this experience, I learned that God has gifted me in this area. There is a season for everything. Mine just has not come yet. Until then, I kind of view the zone as my mission field.
    2. enonram
      Part 2 -

      Word got out and over the next few weeks, some other guys started to come hear the lessons. We started to get too big a group for the restaurant. I had to speak so loud for everyone to hear me that I could have been disturbing other diners’ evenings. So we went back over to the church and found a vacant classroom. I made sure I didn’t start the lessons until after the prayer meeting was over.

      This thing just started to grow exponentially. I started a weekly email to people to send them notes on what to read and what I was speaking on. By the time this thing ended, we had over 70 men coming out on Wednesday night. I can’t imagine 70 guys getting together on a Wednesday night for something that doesn’t involve sports, beer, or naked ladies dancing. These weren’t all church members or guys dropping off kids.
    3. enonram

      I tell you a story. I hope you understand that I am not bragging, but submitting this humbly so that you can know a little more of my history.

      Part 1 -

      It was about 8 years ago; my oldest daughter started attending a youth program at church. There were three other guys that had daughters my age who would drop their daughters off too. We didn’t really have time to go home before it would be time to turnaround and come back to pick them up. So we decided to go across the street to eat dinner. Being guys, after talking about sports and politics, we couldn’t really keep a meaningful conversation going for 90 minutes. One week, one of the guys asked me if I would start teaching them about the dispensations and Revelation.
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    I have a son. He looks like Brian Terry.