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Mar 18, 2014
Apr 10, 2003
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Duke Dawg

Moderator, from Brambleton, Va

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Mar 18, 2014
    1. Duke Dawg
      Duke Dawg
      when you post something, just tag it as a "sticky" and it will stay at the top of the board until it is "unstuck".

    2. nufsaid
      The Charlottesville-Central Virginia Duke Club is on the verge of launching a cookbook created from recipes of the JMU faithful, especially things good for tailgating. When the appropriate time comes, can you help me (as chairman of the committee) keep a reminder close to the top of the boards to make contributing easy? The name of the cookbook is going to be "We Are The Cooks of JMU". Everything is just about ready to roll, and should be finalized by the end of the first week of February. I visit and post occasionally, but we wanted to be sure this was one method of publicity. Thanks.
    3. JMUTEKE
      Duke Dawg .... just got a question put to me from an EKU fan that has registered for the JMU board. He says he has tried to post to ask some questions ... but gets a message that his posts aren't visible until a moderator approves his membership. I don't kno who's responsible for doing that .... but he wants to know something about the JMU team. He sounds like an older guy ... and is active on the EKU boards ... Can u check it out??

      Says he registered a couple days ago ... probably as FGColonel ... don't know for sure tho ...

      Edit: Just had another guy mention the same ... probably registered as EKUNC ....

    4. Middle-aged-Duke
      Nevermind...:) I found WXGI-950 in Richmond.
    5. Duke Dawg
      Duke Dawg
      hmmm...no, not sure where you can catch it on the radio. I just tuned in on MASN to watch.
    6. Middle-aged-Duke
      Hey there DD,
      We met once or twice...
      Anyway, do you know of a link to listen to the UR-App State game on the radio?
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