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Aug 14, 2013
    1. ODUgobigblue
      Thank you so much for the ticket! I was successfully able to sneak over to the student side with my friends, so it worked out great! Your brother Peter was very nice and insisted I didn't pay, but I tried. I hope you have fun at your friend's wedding! Thanks for being so generous.
    2. Razor Ramon 2
      Razor Ramon 2
      What do you think about uniting this year? At least for a game or two against the vcu guys, teaching them a lesson. It'd be good to play with someone else who knows what he's doing ha.

      We will have our matchups, but just for a couple let's wreck some fools, what do you say?
    4. PiKappPatri8
      Originally Posted by CentDukesFan View Post
      decent work?! oh you guys are too much.

      We beat the number one up and coming university in the universe in his first year! Hes a miracle worker!
      Cent - I was agreeing with you - man! I have stated many times on this board and your board that Brady was going to do great things with the Dukes. I meant no slight. Geeee.

      Can't win for losing here.

      BTW - The bed post notch reference is a little creepy - I mean the implications are icky. ;>;)
    5. CentDukesFan
      wtf i dont know if that message sent haha

      i said thats awesome - don the purple, you know you want to
    6. CentDukesFan
      oops - don the purple
    7. CentDukesFan
      awesome! dawn the purple - you know you want to
    8. PiKappPatri8
      Cent - I just emptied my inbox and finally got your message. Right now its half and half depending on work. I have a new client for whom my project team is preparing some deliverables and it is touch and go if I have to work this weekend. From what I saw on the MD boards - they will have tix available. If I am not working me and the boys will be up there.
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